PTE Speaking

Scroll page down and there are 5 PTE speaking sections given. Click on any section your page will automatic scrolled to infomation. We recomend use pte mock test software which is available on our website.

Read Aloud

Read Aloud Description!

A paragraph will be displayed on the screen with approximately 60 words. You will be given 35 seconds or 40 seconds based on the length of the paragraph displayed for preparation. An equal amount of time will be given to read the sentence aloud. There will 6-7 questions of this task type.

Skills assessed:

Reading: You are expected to identify the writer’s purpose, tone and attitude.
Speaking: You are expected to speak fluently and at a natural pace using correct intonation and correct pronunciation.


Practice once before commencing and practice loudly, if there is still time left,rehearse the difficult-to-pronounce words, but make sure you are at the beginning of the passage 5 seconds before the recording starts, so that you can take good start.
Complete the given text or passage within 15 to 23 seconds, if you take more time, you will lose points in fluency, and if you take less time than 15 seconds, it means you are going to lose points in pronunciation.
Be remembered, you need to press “Next” as soon as you finish reading the given passage, don’t wait for the time to be finished automatically.
Stress each and every word, a proper stress; differentiate each word from the next, so that there is clarity in your voice that might assist computer to understand your spoken words, hence, pronunciation points go up.
Speak contractions as one word, for example, we’re (we are), we’ve (we have), we’ll (we will) etc. If you speak these words in full, you are doing insertion.
Do not correct yourself; if you have mispronounced some word mistakenly then keep going, do not go back and try to pronounce the same word correctly.
Your speaking should be effortless and struggle-free; you are not finding it hard to pronounce your words, but it’s easy and comfortable for you to read the passage.
Do not fumble and hesitate; do not get nervous.
Do not stop or take a slight pause on comma or full stop, don’t take any pauses unless you are finding it hard to breathe.
Put more stress on plural words and try to give the sound of “s’ on such words; put more stress on long words, if you are finding it hard to read long words, break them into syllables, for example, persuasiveness as “per-su-asvie-ness”.
Use your own natural accent; do not try to adopt white people’s accent that you can never perfectly do, don’t worry about your home country accent as PTE software has got more than hundred accents saved in it, so your accent would be picked up by computer.
If you want to improve a bit of your pronunciation, try to pronounce four letters as English people do, these four letters are P,T,K and CH to be pronounced as Ph,Th, Kh, Ch, (can explain more with the help of example).


Go to Menu and locate "Mock Test" download Software and practice in your windows Desktop or Laptop PC.
Open english magazine or get newspaper and practice reading loudly.
Record your voice using microphone/app and listen to it so that you are able to identify your mistakes and rectify it.
If you make mistakes while reading do not stop and correct your mistakes. You will lose points on oral fluency..
Keep track of the time and pace yourself accordingly. Don’t rush through the passage.

PTE Read Aloud Sample Practice:

Repeat Sentence

Repeat Sentence Description!

Note: There is no tone before the microphone opens. So start speaking as soon as you see the blue bar.

A short sentence will played and you have to repeat the same sentence. The sentence will played after 3 seconds. Once the audio is completed you have to repeat the sentence. Each sentence will be of 3-9 seconds long and you will have 15 seconds to repeat the sentence. If the speaker remains quiet for more than 3 seconds the microphone will close and you will not be allowed to record the sentence. There will be 10-12 tasks of this type.

Skills assessed:

Listening: You should be able to understand the sentence, make note of the stress, variations and intonations while the sentence is played.
Speaking: You are expected to repeat the sentence that has been played. He/She should be able to replicate the variations, stress and the intonations of the audio that was played.


You will have 3 seconds before the audio is played. So be ready and pay careful attention to the sentence.
Do not try to write down the sentence as there is not much time.
Pay attention to the way in which speaker groups the words, the intonations and try to copy it.
Wait for the microphone to open. Don’t be in a hurry to repeat the sentence.
Repeat every word you hear I the same order. Don’t panic if you can’t remember. Just say what you heard.
Don’t try to correct in case you have repeated the sentence incorrectly as you might lose points on the oral fluency.
Speak fluently and don’t try to copy the accent of the speaker.


Try to repeat short sentences that you hear, example, repeat the ads that you hear or request a friend to read a sentence and you can repeat the sentence.
Focus on the grammar of the sentence. This will help you in repeating the sentence better.
In case there are words that you don’t understand, look them up in dictionary while practicing. This will help on the test day.
Listen to speeches and pause at regular intervals so that you can repeat the sentence.
Focus on words where the speaker is stressing and try to copy it. Speaking fluently will help in getting higher score.

Latest PTE Repeat Sentences:

The Maximum production of chocolate is in U.S.
Industrial development will enhance the economy.
The conference has to be scheduled before two weeks in advance.

Answer Short Questions

Answer Short Questions Description!

you will hear a short question which will range from 3-9 seconds. You are expected to provide an answer in one word or few words. you will have 10 seconds to respond to the question. The question will be mostly general knowledge type question which will have a single word response. Approximately 10-12 tasks of this task type will be present in the PTE Academic test.

Skills assessed:

Listening: You will have listen to the question carefully and think quickly as there is no time gap after the question is complete. This task type is of very short duration. Hence you have to pay very close attention to the question as it will not be repeated.
Speaking: You are expected to provide answer in a single word or few words. Here your ability to respond appropriately and under timed conditions is tested.


Concentrate on the question. You have 3 seconds before the question audio is played. Since the question is very short and there is no time gap after the question is played, extra attention is required.
Don’t get excited and answer immediately after the question is completed. Wait for the microphone to open before answering.
Focus on the question word like what, why, who, where etc. This will help you with your answer.
Don’t panic if you are not sure or aware of the answer. Try to guess the answer and ensure you don’t provide a lengthy answer.
In case you make a mistake or say the wrong answer, correct your response as the score is for correct word or words.


Try to find general knowledge questions on the internet and learn as much as possible.
If you not familiar with the word or the pronunciation, use dictionary to find the meaning and speech software or a website which will help in the pronunciation.
Practice listening to short questions as this help in increasing your concentration.

Describe Image

Describe Image Description

An image will be shown on the screen. The image could be a bar chart, a pie chart, maps, or any other image. you have 25 seconds to analyse the image and prepare for describing the image. Once 25 seconds is completed, the status changes to recording and you have to start describing the image. He/She will have 40 seconds to describe the image. If the speaker pauses for more than 3 seconds, the microphone will close and and the speaker will not be able to record the answer. There will be 6-7 questions of this task type in the PTE academic test.

Skills assessed:

Speaking: You are expected to explain the details of the image displayed on the screen. He/She has 40 seconds to describe the image. The speaker is tested on oral fluency, how well he or she can organize their thoughts and present it.


Familiarize yourself with different kinds of images that may come.(Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Process diagram, Line graph etc).
Search for images on internet and practice.
Create a template for different types of images. This help with the structure of your speech and you don’t have to waste time on the test day.
Time yourself while practicing. This helps in identifying the number of sentences you can speak in 40 seconds.
Record yourself so that you can play it back and rectify the mistakes.

Latest PTE Describe Images Sample Questions :

Line graph comparison of UK and Scotland pay gap.
Population trend line graph of liechard city.
Line graph – bit complex. It had two line graphs, one showed the temperature ranges for the various months and the other just focused on may and showed the average rainfall recorded on may 1 -16.
Pie chart on how students pay for their studies by aid, by grant, by work, etc.
Precipitation world map of different countries.
Bar graph average rainfall in inches in 4 cities.

Describe Image Formula / Formate / Strategies:

Look at the image and identify the main point.
Do not try to explain the entire image. This will waste your time.
Begin the description by explaining about the image. Use our provided Formate to achive score 90 in "Describing Image"
Click ""PTE DESCRIBE IMAGE FORMAT"" for "Describe Image" Formate / Formula. We also have done few sample for you.

Retell Lecture

Retell Lecture Description!

You will hear a short lecture and is expected to re-tell the lecture in his/her own words. A short lecture of up to 90 seconds will be played and you are given 40 seconds to re-tell the lecture. The lecture can be from a wide range of topics and may also include interview conversations. Some of the lectures will be accompanied with an image. Once the lecture is played, you will have 10 seconds to gather his/her thoughts before the microphone opens. There will 3-4 such task types in the PTE academic test.

Skills assessed:

Listening: you have to listen carefully to the lecture and try to identify the main point of the lecture, certain other details to support the main point, the tone of the speaker etc. You must be able to comprehend the meaning that the speaker is trying to convey, both implicit and explicit.
Speaking; Oral fluency and pronunciation is tested here. You should be able to summarize the lecture in 40 seconds, put forth the main points of the lecture and provide supporting details from the lecture. Test taker should have clear flow thoughts and should speak fluently.


Most of the lectures will be accompanied by an image. you will have 3 seconds before the lecture begins. So try to look at the image and anticipate what the lecture might be about.
Listen carefully to the lecture and note down the main point of the lecture.
Do not try to write complete sentence as you might miss out on the critical points. Note down the main words and some linking symbol like arrows. This will help in framing the sentence while summarizing the lecture.
You will have 10 seconds to organize your thoughts and frame a structure before the microphones opens. So quickly start with the main point and provide few supporting details to the main point.
Try and conclude by 38 seconds. You could lose points if there is an incomplete sentence when the microphone closes.
Don’t rush through at the last to add more details. Speak calmly and don’t panic if you have said something incorrect. Continue speaking without pausing for more than 3 seconds. Fluency carries more weightage than the content.


Create your own shorthand writing for taking down note during the lecture.
Find short speeches/ lectures on the internet which have transcripts and practice summarizing the lectures.
Time yourself such that you don’t extend till the end moment.
Record your response and play it back. This will help in rectifying your mistakes.

Retell Lecture Formula / Formate :

Main focus must be on fluency and pronunciation, however, unlike Describe image, contents matter here, so it is good to cover more contents with the help of noting down keywords from the speaker’s speech.

Click ""PTE Retell Lecture"" for "Retell Lecture" Formate / Formula.